Hello dear readers, i am GregoryRasputin.
Many of you know of my love for telling the history of games consoles, not the fancy soft history, but the complete and detailed history of the console i am writing about, if you have read PS3History, you will know i am quite detailed on what i write.

For over two years people have been asking me if i will be writing a PS4History, to which i kept saying no, mainly because i did not have the time, but last year i was talked into creating the site you see now by Guillaume MrNiato.

Unlike PS3History which i contributed to all on my own, i will be receiving help from sceners and developers such as Guillaume, as this is 2019, we have more than six years history to add before we even start on current day history.

You can view a list of PS4History contributors here

Bellow i will explain each key feature of PS4History:
[Game Release]
This will cover all official games released on the PS4.

[Official Firmware Release]
This will cover all Official Firmware released on the PS4, currently there is no Custom Firmware.

[PS4 Hack – Homebrew/Exploit]
This will cover all Kernel Exploits, Webkit Exploits, Homebrew games and applications.

Will cover all legal cases and lawsuits taken by Sony or against Sony in regards to the PS4.

[PS4 Model Release]
Will cover each new model released, such as Special editions.

[PC Software – iOS/Android App]
Will cover all official and non official applications that are used with the PS4, these are not installed on the PS4 itself, but are installed on computers, phones or tablets.

To get started reading the history of this awesome console, just pick a year in the menu bar above this post and thanks for reading.

Also don’t forget to visit PS3History, it needs to be updated, but it does cover quite a lot of years.

And finally PS5History has already been started, this will be a community effort and anyone who can use MediaWiki can participate and contribute.


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This site is for educational and historical reservation purposes.